Pioneers in shipping since 1968


Providing a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs, from bunker and protection agency to full port agency and crew logistics.


To meet every requirement, a wide range of services were designed. With a dedicated account manager on call around-the-clock, we are by the captain’s side to help him with voyage and port administration.

Other services

Supporting seafarers with sign on formalities, documentation and other general assistance they may require.

Anastasios C. Vlachos & Co is a point of reference and trust in Maritime Works, successfully undertaking all kinds of vessels such as trucks, tankers, cruise ships, cutters, etc.

Our services

Our company seeks to provide services to our clients, with the best possible quality and consistency, aiming – always – at a maximum level of service and satisfaction.

Your Voyage, Our Expertise: Navigating Seamless Solutions