Here you will find your most frequent asked questions.

For Seafarers

We can provide assistance and guidance for seafarer training and certification, advise on required courses, help with booking training programs, and ensure that the seaferer remains compliant with the necessary certifications and qualifications.

For companies

Our Port agency services fees are typically charged based on a fee structure agreed upon between the shipping company and pur company . The fees may vary depending on the specific services that you will require , vessel size, port location,overtime , bank holidays and other factors. It is important to discuss and agree upon the pricing structure well in advance.

Can a port agent assist with legal and regulatory matters? Through our extensive experience we as agents can provide solid general guidance on legal and regulatory matters related to port operations. However, for more complex legal issues, we would advise to consult specialized maritime lawyers or legal experts who can provide specific advice and assistance.
Please note that specific services and practices may vary among port agents and in different locations. It’s always recommended to communicate directly with a port agent to discuss your specific requirements and ensure a clear understanding of the services they provide.

It is helpful to provide details such as the vessel’s name, IMO number, arrival date and time, type of cargo (if applicable), desired services required, and any specific instructions or requirements.

In case of issues or delays, promptly contact one of our team . They are experienced in handling such situations and can liaise with the appropriate authorities, service providers, or stakeholders to resolve the problem and minimize disruptions.

Absolutely, we are available 24/7 and always by your side Our Team is fully equipped to handle emergencies and unexpected situations. They can provide immediate assistance, coordinate resources, and liaise with relevant parties to help resolve issues and minimize disruptions to the vessel’s operations.